October 3, 2017
By DrewRodriguez BRONZE, Elk Grove, California
DrewRodriguez BRONZE, Elk Grove, California
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You gnaw at my skin, leaving traces of your presence wherever you were
People don’t like you
I do not like you
Why must you continue to break the clear skin I cherish so much

The men in white coats say not to bother you
The men in white coats try to fix you
The men in white coats don’t know how hard it is
I struggle with you daily
Just leave me alone

People sometimes think you are something else
“Are you contagious?”
“Hey what’s that stuff on your leg?”
“That’s gross!”
Please just leave me alone

No matter how many treatments I use, the sting of you still lingers on my skin
Like a crocodile in water, you wait beneath the surface until the perfect time to strike

Your choke my neck with your hands of pain, Eczema
An uncontrollable itch

My family knows about you
They sit in painful silence watching my pain
They can’t do anything about you

You masked my face when I was too young to complain about it
Not able to express my concern
You envied the silky soft baby skin I had
You wanted it too bad

Learning to accept you will be tough
But I will fight you
I will not give up on my skin

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