Cross Country

October 3, 2017

Running with the wind against my face
Beating the others is a great chase
But beating the clock..
Would make me feel like more of a jock
I started the race
With a smile on my face

I’m slowing down..
Also i am starting to form a frown
To win is my dream
Especially to help my team
I love to run
Only sometimes it can be fun

I’m trying to make my mom proud
Also running in front of a crowd
Trying to do my best
I feel my lungs coming out of my chest
I’ve been running for a while
And I am only on my mile

My body is starting to tire
And my thighs feel like fire
Running over loose sand
And over a bunch of country land
There is a smile on my face
I have finally finished this race.

The author's comments:

I enjoy to write, or as a i like to say expressing myself through the tip of my fingers.

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