The Bridge

October 3, 2017
By jqueen GOLD, Allentown, Pennsylvania
jqueen GOLD, Allentown, Pennsylvania
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Wind in my hair, beautiful breeze, my mind at ease, pleasingly.
I have my reasons, you have yours,
like seasons, people change.
I’ve changed, rearranged my mindset,
do I sound upset? Don’t worry, I’m fine, I just have my reasons.
I come here every day, walk the same hallways, always okay. I’m fine.
After school, I walk home, I stop.
I’m alone, and that’s fine. I’m fine.
Sometimes I’ll detour, go the wrong way on purpose because I have no purpose, I’m too busy fighting wars to care for anything except for the breeze that blows past my ears, the wind in my hair.
It’s easy. To stand on a bridge and stare down. It pleases me.
Please don’t misunderstand, I’m not crazy. A little insane, but I’m fine, really.
You know... this bridge is my favorite place to be. I could stay here forever, hearing the river below, here in my solitude, my empty mind. Trust me, I’m fine.
The last time I was on this bridge, though, I was in poetic limbo, staring down below, weighing thoughts, ignoring what others were saying.
But being lost in limbo really messed with my thoughts, I wasn’t fine, and without a thought I went over the bridge.
Jumped. Then I changed my mind.
That’s why I still come to this bridge as much as I do. To remember everything I almost made myself lose, loosely caring about what I loved. But that’s in the past, time has passed, I can now stand on this overpass and be fine. I’m always fine now. I may not have been before, but I have my reasons, you have yours.
Like the seasons, I’ve changed. A complete 360 back to where I stand on this bridge, wind in my hair, beautiful breeze, mind at ease, pleasingly. And I’ll stand on this bridge for eternity.
After all, how’s a ghost supposed to leave?

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