October 2, 2017
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It sits there tall and weak

The soury smell of spoiled milk

The freezing wooden walls

The feeling somebody's watching you


Yet empty to the human eye you can

hear the whispers of those who hide.

The sound of childrens  crying

The sound of a wife getting beat

The sound of the husband's lies


You see a dogs leash but there no dog

You see the door open and close. Not the wind.

You see dusty photos on the wall of a family that looks like they have it all

They DONT!


You take in a deep breath

You can taste the fear


Its dehydrating


You step in the first room

You can feel the pain

You can feel the suffering

You can almost feel the thick blood of questions drip down your spine.

Your rapid heartbeat echo

Something tugs your shirt from below


Shes gone now. Demonic

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