To Revive A Mockingbird

October 2, 2017
By TSRGaming17 BRONZE, Oak Park, Michigan
TSRGaming17 BRONZE, Oak Park, Michigan
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Most are the kind

to let the mockingbird die,

to chant as it’s killed,
and chant on his grave
(that is if the mockingbird even gets one.)
Some are the kind to grieve for the mockingbird,
to feel (somewhat) bad for it
as it had an “okay” run.
They “just might” give it a funeral
and “just might” acknowledge it’s life
(although I personally don’t think “just might” is enough, that’s your life choice.)
Then there are the “little people,”
the people who actually “care”
for the mockingbird and didn’t
want the mockingbird to go
and told it to “fight harder and harder”
(for it’s life of course)
and those “little people,”
those are the people who tried
to revive the mockingbird.

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