{escape, escape} [she's my addiction]

March 26, 2009
By KittyPak BRONZE, Albany, Indiana
KittyPak BRONZE, Albany, Indiana
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she's pale perfection shimmering in the darkness
she's exquisite flawlessness; a g-i-f-t from faeries
and you can almost see right through her, she's so (translucent)
and so the *rubies* pulsing in her veins just beg for fondling
let them out with d [ia] mond razors and run your fingers through the gleaming red

that's why she's
ohsomarred, ohsoscarred, ohso, ohso, ohsosososo....


we're all just rats locked in a maze built of [nightmares]
scrabbling for our share of the colored polyhedrals
covered in tissue paper with {Escape} stamped all over them.
we all have our own special B R A N D of denial

--chop your breakfast on a mirror--

(and you know all about crooked//\spoons)
but it's the

------ b.l.oo.d--------

that keeps you coming back to her day after day,
craving more, craving more, craving moremoremore....


her lips are twin lines of crimson fire in the darkness
etching their o-u-t-l-i-n-e onto yours.
icy arm sn(a)kes around your neck as she draws you nearer
--untarnished but for the running t:r:a:c:k marks--
and as your [lips] find the scarlet [warmth]
that gushes from the protruding

criss x cross

network of blue and green
ohmygod it's so (heavenly) it's so (delirious) so so (and beware you could lose

yourself in that; you're

drowning in the paradise)
&&in between your h e a v y breathing you remember: this is why

you could never leave her --your dreamer's foolishness--


The author's comments:
This is written in the dirty pretty style, which is a form of poetry rapidly gaining popularity in Internet forums. Dirty pretty involves finding the beauty in the broken, using punctuation to help convey certain images, and whatever is messed-up.

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