My dog would make a better President

October 1, 2017
By Anonymous

My dog is so silly
We cut off his willy
Oops, that was too much information
Trump is ruining this nation
I got carried away, I apologize
But he is feeding you all lies
My dog eats a lot
But Trump is smoking pot
Trump's ego is as big as the wall he is trying to build
I hate what America is turning into
But my dog would win too
They say we are supposed to learn from the past
But trump should have finished dead last
Recurring history
Our future is a mystery
Oscar can do tricks and bits
Our current president talks a lot of s***s
He fights like cats and dogs
Trump has a heart of stone
While oscar just likes lots of bones
My dog is better than Trump
He really needs to be bumped
I can’t handle him anymore
We are about to be in a war

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