October 1, 2017
By melaniegallardo_ BRONZE, Sacramento, California
melaniegallardo_ BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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                      “ i'm very disappointed in you, was it all worth it Melanie ”my mother said walking out the office from Fern Bacon.

                     This girl and i use to be really close. I introduce her to all my friends because i knew she didn't have any. From there on she hung out with me and my friends at lunch. Once she started to get comfortable around all of us, she started acting weird towards me. I didn't think about it too much tho. She stopped talking to me when we would all hang out, but when it was just her and me shell be all cool. Weeks went by and she continued to act like that.. So i got tired of it and decided to confront her the last couple of minutes of lunch.

             “ why are you acting all weird with me when you're around nessa and steph but when it's just you and me you're all cool with me and i don't f*** with that” i said angrily

             “ because i can, is there a problem with that” she said.  At this moment i had a lot of things running through my head and one of them was i didn't care what happens in our friendship.

             “ yes bruh, i want your fade. “ i stuttered, not actually meaning what i said.
             “ meet me after school in the front then. “ she said walking away

                 It was 1:50, 10 minutes until the bell rings. I thought “ damn what if we get caught? I can't back up now, i won't! “ The bell rung and i was walking out of class with my friend vanessa. We were close to the front “ melanie, are you really going to fight her” she whispered. I didn't say anything, i just kept walking. We saw each other and then she came up to me and told me she was just playing around and she apologize. So i apologized too and nothing happened. 

                 That evening i went home and obviously checked all my social media. Until i saw her talking bad about me on instagram.  “ this girl really lied to me, she said she was just playing around” i said to myself. So i texted her not saying nice things to her. We were texting each other back and forth until i decided to tell her to fight me again. She didn't want to fight me at school so i told her to meet me at the mcdonalds. Now remember i was so immature and stupid. But anyways she didn't want to because her mom wouldn't let her go to mcdonalds by herself. She stopped coming to school for couple of days. She came to school unexpectedly one day and so i decided to just say something to her. I was dumb for doing this but i called her out in class in front of my classmates and teacher.

                After that, the teacher sent me to the detention room, then 5 minutes later she was sent down there too. She got suspend for a day for calling me the b word and i didn't. Two days later the girl’s mom came to the school with screenshots off me wanting to fight her
at school and at mcdonalds. They called me in the office and talked to me first, then called my parents. I was suspended for 3 days but then it got extended to 5 days because the mom wanted to kick me out of Fern Bacon. So i had to go to the district and talk to some old man about the situation and to see what would happened with me.

                Finally, they let me stay at Fern Bacon but i was put on half days for a while. I didn't see my friends at school for a while and i wasn't learning. I had a lot of make-up work in some classes. And the sad part was that i got suspended for no reason because i didn't get to fight her and it stayed in my record. I felt embarrassed by my actions towards my younger brother, my parents and the staffs/principle. I was very immature and stupid, but i learned from this mistake.

The author's comments:

i learn a lot of things from this mistake. i shouldve handle things more different and shouldve been smarter. 

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