September 29, 2017
By Anonymous

As I bend down to tie my shoestring
I have to focus on the perfect swing
The game is a test
But I always try to do my best

The greatest feeling is getting a kill
But after the game I’m always sure to take Advil
It’s so satisfying getting a perfect pass to the setter
To be a good team you always have to be in the gym working to get better
I always feel like my heart is beating out of my chest
When the outcome isn’t looking to end up like the rest

Every hitter wants the perfect set
So they can bury the ball on the other side of the net
You can never let a ball hit the floor
Or else the other team is sure to score
There is always an accomplished feeling when getting an assist
But when we lose chances are I’m going to be pissed

Working as a team is a must
Or else we will lose trust
The memories will forever stay etched in my brain
My love for this game will always remain

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