September 29, 2017
By jojoj BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
jojoj BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
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How can it be done?
How can I be succsesful?
Some people say lifes easy,
But they were born into the best schools

How can we prevail if we’re predestined to fail?
The people who claim theyve made it
Are just people feeding the system so they
Could simply remain in it.

How can anyone be content waisting
Their life for a paycheck so they can barely survive
While those on the top live easy and thrive.
We build their prisons to fill them with our “misguided”.
We build their institutions to fill them with our neglected.
We build their cemetaries to fill them with our children
Who fought in their wars.

How can we live life and be stable,
How can we acheive this feat.
Picking scraps from the table
After we watch them eat?

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