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September 29, 2017
By CatChristie BRONZE, Beverly Hills, Michigan
CatChristie BRONZE, Beverly Hills, Michigan
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Love is a funny thing
It takes you by surprise
It makes you feel
It allows you to
Be who you are
Love is
The greatest thing we have in this world
It’s simple
Outstandingly beautiful
Being seventeen years old
People may think
I’m too young to be in love
That I don’t understand
What love really is
Or that I’m too young
To truly love another person
I strongly disagree
If you think about it
We’ve grown up loving
Whether it be a favorite toy
Or even a blanket
We loved those items
With everything we had
And never wanted anything bad
To happen to them
We couldn’t go anywhere without them
And if
For some reason
We couldn’t be with them
We couldn’t wait
To be reunited with
Our treasured item
Now I know
Loving a person
Is much different than loving a toy
But I do believe
That even at the young age
That I am at
I do love someone
I love someone
With everything I have in me
My love for this someone
Isn’t the typical
I think I’m in love
High school kind of love
I’ve seen
This kind a love before
This is the kind of love my parents share
The kind of love my grandparents share
The kind of love
You witness
Between those who are truly meant for
Each other
The kind of love
That no matter how annoying
Or how much of a headache
The other gives you
You still get the feeling of pure joy
Being around them
The kind of love
That a moment without them
Feels like a moment wasted
The kind of love
You’d hope
You would get in return

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