Things I never told you ....

September 29, 2017
By Aalajah_Thompson02 BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
Aalajah_Thompson02 BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
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Things I never told you
I never told you how much
I hate how when we talk our
Conversations aren't long
When you say my name it
Seems as if it’s dripping with
Dishonesty and disloyalty
When we hug it’s not as warm,
You used to hug me like you
Never wanted me to leave,
One of those nice bear hugs.
But now you hug me as if
You really don't care if i
Walk away….
So that exactly what i did.

Things I never told you ….
I never told you that your
Excuses got old fast.
If I had a dollar for every time
You said “you know we miss you,
Well I wouldn't know what to do
With that type of money.

Things I never  told you ….
I never told you that your “love”
For me feels fake, it’s like you
Take me as a joke you forgot
The punchline to.
I never told you that I can't really
Wrap my head around the fact that
You treat me more as a family friend
And not actual family.

Things I never told you ….
I never told you that I
Hated how much your side
Of the family pictured me as a
Thief because when something
Disappeared it was automatically
My fault.
I think it's funny how you think I care
If you’re in my life or not, i’ve made
It this far lets keep it that way.         

The author's comments:

I'm a student, I did this for my english class. This poem helped me get some of my emotions out, i could never really say anything about how I felt and writing this poem helped me do that. 

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