the core of pain

September 29, 2017
By bruce369 BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
bruce369 BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
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Pain and hate the burden of lost dreams,
The burden of discovered weakness, the
Burden of the hollow soul, but most of all,
The burden of loneliness.


I was a victim to this curse, but it's no
Different from what other have dealt With.
knowing that the healing wounds Would
never recover the scar on our souls.
The world is like a forest and hate
is the Fire that burns it all,
and we are the surviving Creatures
of this once beautiful forest.


I look at the burning forest of my Former home.
Repeatedly and repeatedly every forest i lived
In was engulfed in flames and the question i ask
is, “What is destroying the peace in our home?”


As i watched my home burn for the very last time,
Emerging from the fire, the phoenix of have, our
Former friends of the forest came to me and said,
“Destruction of the come from one’s true self”.

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