September 29, 2017
By corynevitt BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
corynevitt BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
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A foggy winter night birds chirping
cars flying down the street.
Winds picking up i'm on my bed
Watching youtube on my phone
About to put my phone down
And go to sleep.

All the sudden i hear a knock on
My window i looked outside
thinking it was just a branch.
So i begin to got back to sleep
Then i hear a knock on my window
And i see a shadow.

I cover up with my blanket
And i began to get scared then 
I here my name getting called
Mark, mark,mark a voice that sounds
scared so i look out the window and
You won't believe what i seen.

I seen a clown so i run into the
Bathroom and hide in the closet
And go in the closet and hide under
The close. The clown walks
Into the house and starts
Looking for me.

He keeps saying
Where are you were
Are you. And i made a
Sound and he came in the
Bathroom and said i know
You're in here.

He opened the closet
Door and seen my head
and said i got you. And
The door open and said get
Out of here and he

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