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September 29, 2017
By zero000 BRONZE, Louisvile, Kentucky
zero000 BRONZE, Louisvile, Kentucky
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Where i'm from 
I am from the windy city with tall
buildings and frigid temperatures

I am from divorce and moving to a
warmer and smaller place with less horses in my life

I am from saint Matthews elementary
My ideal elementary but then Rutherford
Elementary my fiery hell on earth

I am from teasing then name calling then
being pushed around then being hurt
Then giving losing hope

I am from telling the teacher,
Telling the counselor, Telling the principal
But just being told it is My fault

I am from skipping school  to escape
The pain or saying i tripped  to explain
The crimson river going down my face
Because telling the truth just brings more pain

I am from escaping my hell like prison
With a chip on my shoulder

I am from trying to be the center of attention
To be seen as more than a punching bag

I am from trying to push my weight around and
Seeing myself become like the people I hate

I am from remorse and apologies but knowing it is not enough

I am from losing myself

I no longer know where i'm from

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