My Traumatic Experience

September 29, 2017
By IanBright BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
IanBright BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
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Green grass and big hills,
Two battles to fight,
Finding your way out and the mind.
Nowhere to go but the door,
But where’s the door?

People scattered everywhere,
Like fresh grass pulled from the dry hard ground
And thrown in the wind.
Standing tall but bent,
Stepping in the wrong area and knowing
There is no way out of this.

Now thinking of the real world,
But the green grass was to calm me down,
But realizing I need help,
And surrounded by people at all angles.

It hurts to move and too scared to be awake,
Wanting everyone to help me,
But they still haven’t gotten me out.

Lying on a bed of many screams and crys,
Not knowing when the painis going away.

Scared of being alone,
Not knowing what is going on.
Please get me out of this
Never Ending black hole.

Waking up only seeing the stars
of a beautiful universe.
Seeing only a blurry figure of two adults.
Confused and comfortable.
When will this end?

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