On a Warm Day

March 26, 2009
By Jessica juan SILVER, Mesa, Arizona
Jessica juan SILVER, Mesa, Arizona
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On a warm day

Oh, oh, oh windy breeze on a warm day
Caressing my hair as I walk by giving my curls its deserved attention from on lookers near by.

Oh, oh, oh indecisive wind
Make-up your mind-left, right, up, down.
How long must my hair suffer from your indecisive blowing!

Oh, oh, oh pesky wind
Blowing dirt in my eyes and mouth…
“Taste this!” say you with every gust of leaves, and dirt my way.

Oh, oh, oh stupid wind
Damn your baby tornado
As it took my food, and plowed my golden curly fries to the ground.

Oh, oh, oh frigid wind
Stop spitting on me!
I’m soaked and cold
It’s bad enough you took my umbrella, and dropped my car keys down a drain.

Oh, oh, oh menstrual wind
Calm the freaking hell down, stop screaming, and enough with the thunder strikes!

Oh, indecisively pesky and stupid, frigid, menstrualish wind on a bad day

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