March 26, 2009
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I can see the stars,
And tell you they’re not five-pointed.
Look at me leap with joy;
I invaded a planet with my rocket.

I learnt how to crawl, then walk,
But I wanted to fly;
I couldn’t be a bird,
So I made my own machine to take me up high.

I can jump off towers,
Without being suicidal.
And ride my bucking horse
Without any ropes or a saddle.

I can sing a song
With no background score.
I can keep a beat;
I don’t need a metronome.

I can build towers,
That almost touch heaven.
Say that I have conversations with God,
Sitting in my holy cavern.

I plunge into the depths
Of earth and water
And when I wipe clean every crevice,
I only plan how to plunge deeper.

I can conquer an empire
Of creatures that make me ill,
And give out vaccinations,
Built for the minute kill.

I can sit at home
And plan- a massive scam,
The holocaust of a nation,
Or the murder of a man.

I can guide missiles
By the touch of a button,
Raise a mob to mutiny
Against a pagan.

I may know how to split a dot
To create its own evil twin;
But Lord forbid, He’d ever let me know
How against the end, I can win.

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