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September 28, 2017
By ArthurSmith321 BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
ArthurSmith321 BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
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I am from a small place
Living with my aunt
Riding horses in a forest
Playing and swimming in a creek bed
From playing with dogs and cats

I am from moving to a big city
From living with my parents
To driving breaking down cars into drive throughs
From more tall buildings than trees

I am from a city
A city full of different people
From losing friends and family to the sound of guns
Not knowing who to trust
Fake friends piling like dust on a shelf
That gets blown off with a small gust of wind

I am from loud yelling
A broken home like a shattered bottle
From moving into my Grandfather's house
Soon after his 92nd birthday
I am from moving from a broken bottle
To a brand new complete bottle

I am from moving into a home instead of a house
A home where I am loved
A home surrounded by caring family
I am from a family home

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