Where I'm From

September 28, 2017
By litalogic BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
litalogic BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
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I’m from sharing everything with my sister
From 90s TV shows
I’m from watching Power Rangers late at night
And popcorn and M&M’s

I’m from two crowded dinners every holiday
With two very different families
I’m from not being able to go outside
Because it’s “too hot” or “too cold”

I’m from an all girls school
Where we were “proper ladies”
From a school with a strict dress code
And discovering I like girls too

I’m from Mock Trial defending my case
From switching from witness to lawyer in seconds
I’m from singing til my voice gives out
And from KMEA ratings

I’m from a letter saying I’m not good enough from YPAS
I’m from starting theater
And doing auditions and plays
And realizing that I can’t be the best if I don’t try

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