Divorce in America

September 28, 2017
By meredithneedham BRONZE, Battle Creek, Michigan
meredithneedham BRONZE, Battle Creek, Michigan
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I always tell my friends, “You’re so lucky your parents are still together.”
Maybe some people split up for the better
When you get married you have to think down the road
What if your child ends up blind, would they be able to teach them morse code
People shouldn’t get married if they don’t want forever
Sometimes people do it because it’s convenient or they just want to settle with whoever
50% of America’s marriages end in divorce
There goes half of the supply of that couple’s money source
Kids have to learn to pick sides even if people tell them they don’t have to
The child always ends up stuck to one parent like glue
The one that leaves say they will always be there to support you
But as time goes on you start to see them less and they don’t follow through
I do agree that divorce is okay if the marriage is sucky
But it is also not good kids consider people with married parents lucky
It shouldn’t be a common thing for families to separate
It creates confusion and sometimes you can’t think straight
The children of these couples develop social and mental issues that cause concern
The sound of your parents fighting makes your stomach turn
Sometimes family controversy and competition made me want to run
I wouldn’t wish this lifestyle on anyone

The author's comments:

I am a child of divorce so I have experience. 

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