Where I'm From

September 28, 2017
By CarolManero BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
CarolManero BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
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I am from warm chocolate chip pancakes
Young and oblivious
Living confined and constricted, traveling
Ignoring the war in the back room

I am from tangled champagne hair
Sneaking catnip to Nanny’s kittens
Old D.V.D’s and mom’s new boyfriend
Dancing and dreams of being a ballerina

I am from pet lizards and fast fourwheelers
Changing homes every weekend
Discomforting, but happy
Life’s not too bad

I am from Bon Jovi and Barbies
Blasting karaoke machines and silly diary entries
Makeshift wizard wands and silent wishes
Free from the weight of stress

I am from boring routines and charcoal covered hands
Bad grades, a bad kid
Hulking backpacks and deafening concerts
Wanting to be an artist, not a failure

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