September 28, 2017
By brooks2001 BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
brooks2001 BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
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You need a hand so I’ve extended mine
If you take it, we can flourish together
I’m still trying
We’re still crying
My heart yearns for your happiness
But you’re still in the dark
Your eyes used to light up
Like fireflies on a humid summer evening
Now they only bleed tears
Now even if you’re in the room, you aren’t really there

Being overtaken by the disease
I try to revive you
I’m still trying
We’re still crying
Please stop dying
Now I’m dying
The reaper is near but I won’t let him take you
Even though you would go with him

I’m still searching for the joy on your face
It’s buried somewhere beneath the countless jars of darkness
I can see the light
Everything is going to be okay
Soon we’ll lay and talk
Of all of the wonderful things of the day
We’ll be there soon
I can’t wait for the fireflies

The author's comments:

This poem is inspired by true events.

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