life is hard

September 28, 2017
By alazarea BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
alazarea BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
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   I mean  why is life so hard
   You fell heartbreak
You see blood shed
You will experience fear
Why is life so stressful

  Life is like oil and water
You never know  what you get
Some people can be oil
Some people can be water
Bringing good to your life
I know older people might mock or comment
“ why is life so hard for you just so young?”
You just asked the  same thing i asked myself.

School can make life hard also
Now and days the school system
Doesn't care about the young adults
In their schools
The belittle you and downgrade you
They make you feel dumb
And it's just not right 

Then its the parents
Then its getting older
Then its responsibility 
Life is hell excuse my french
But life is hard
but why?

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