Big Mac's

September 28, 2017
By SteveHarvey BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
SteveHarvey BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
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There is a rumble in the street
Im flying down the street on my feet
Earbuds in my ears im running to the beat
A bead of sweat rolls down my back when I think of…
Big Mac’s
My heart hits 300bpm when I see the golden “M”
I slam through through the door and fall to the floor
I am shooken to the core
But it dosent matter anymore because of…
Big Mac’s
The ultimate form of gods creation
I will inhale it without hesitation
$5.00 of juicy beef
Forces me to fall to my knees and weep
I stumble up and prepare to order
The whole establishment is in disorder
My words buzz in the cashiers ear like a gnat
Big Mac
My heart stops and i almost die when he says with a sigh
“Sorry sir we are out of french fries”

The author's comments:

I really like Big Mac's so i just made this... 

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