September 28, 2017
By jjohn34 BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
jjohn34 BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
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When i walk in the enormous park
My body tingling
Rides as far as you can see
It's hard to just choose a single one
Lines as far as the eye can see

It's hard to bare with the temperature 
My skin sticky as glue
As sweat starts to form
As we get closer to what we came for
The rumble of the coasters is unbearable

As we approach the rollercoaster
My mind thinking the worst
As me and my friend sit in the seat
We get even more nervous
The countdown begins

3-2-1 and were off
I tighten my grip as were going up the mountain of a hill
The clacking of the chain and metal hitting against each other
As we reach the top the view is awesome
As soon as we realize it we are just about over the hill
And woosh down we go

The twist and turns are jeering my body back and forth 
And as we approach the end
My body and mind are in relief
I exhale and let all the nervous out
Now that i think about it it wasn't that bad 


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