Life In A Diamond

September 28, 2017
By Madison._.45 BRONZE, Williamsport, Pennsylvania
Madison._.45 BRONZE, Williamsport, Pennsylvania
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The second I saw the field, it caught my eye
I love it so much, when I don't play I may cry.
It's my life, my heart, my passion
Yes, sweat, blood, and bruises are in fashion.

The game I play is amazing
Everything about it is just so dazing.
The baby in the game—my bat of course—
Gives my hits just so much force.

The opposing team is up to bat
We know our feet must not be flat.
The ball comes whizzing and hard
My glove is there: it's my guard.

I'm at the field all the time
Trying to reach my goals is sometimes a hard climb.
The field is like my home
The dugout could easily act as a protective dome.

From first, to second, to third,
Dirt and sweat in my eyes, my vision is blurred.
I know I must make it to home, it's my goal
When I arrive, the umpire calls me safe because he's in control.

Softball is an unpredictable game
Playing it, you may find fame.
Sometimes you'll win, sometimes you'll lose
As long as you try your best, you should never receive any "boo's."

The author's comments:

My inpiration for writing this poem is my love and passion for softball. It is also a chance for other people to see that the sport is truly amazing.

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