Over Dosin On Real Life

March 26, 2009
By Ramir-Oliver GOLD, Burlington, New Jersey
Ramir-Oliver GOLD, Burlington, New Jersey
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When you say you have fears, is just another way to say that you are scared of something. Fear just means scared. If you are in fear of death, you are just scared of I don’t fear… I respect. When people ask me what do I fear, I pause for a moment and simply reply; “I fear living a good life” When they ask me am I afraid of dying. I can only reply as; not scared of it just waiting for it to come faster.” why do such things come out my mouth, I wonder sometimes, but when I go home and watch as my life is taken away from me more and more each day, I see why I say what I say. If you can’t understand what I mean by that then you can’t understand life. Life is just a realm your in where you can say what you want but nothing you do will change the wrong done to you. Nothing will change the way you are treated. Nothing will change when you make those types of decisions that may end your life. Or when you witness the cruelest things happening to you. Life is just your personal view of walking nightmares. And living and wishing you were dead ever minute of the day. Because no matter how you try to change your life, nobody cares about what you say or what you day…one night I had a dream…. That dream told me…. That… that’s just the way life goes.

The author's comments:
this does explain sope of the stuff that has happended but not of all of it is true.

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