Where I'm From

September 28, 2017
By Logan.Ziegler BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
Logan.Ziegler BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
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I am from a place of history

    Salty sea breeze

    Crab covered marsh

    Where the moss dances from the oaks

    I am from sweaty hot summer days

    Feet stuck in the mud

    Exploring the labyrinth of rivers in the marsh

    Where i uncover new places filled with life

    I am from the juicy peach state

    Sweet trees line the roads

    Sweat beads down my face

    Where they sit ready in the basket waiting to be sold

    I am from old downtown Savannah

    Where grand church bells ring

    Horses trot up and down the streets

    Where laughter and happiness fills the air

    I am from a small town

    With deep roots    

    A small circle

    And a place of history

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