Freedom from the river

September 25, 2017
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Freedom is key
It’s key because of what i strive for
My river is full of doubt
Because the river of life is hard to go down

Hardships is what people have
It’s what people have to float or sink
My river is full of barriers of mental blockers
Because the river can destroy me if i let it.

Sorrow is what i go thought from time to time
It is what changes a person's live
My river is full of sorrow
Because is can make me drift away

Time is what people need with love ones that have passed
Time is fading with life
My river of time is drying out
Because my river is not full of time

No control of life
There is no control of life that i can change
Its people’s of saying we have no control.
My river has no control.
Because i can’t control my life

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