whats your river?

September 25, 2017
By Anonymous

What’s your river?
My river started off with an huge waterfall
The waterfall has some special activities going on
             1k feet, there's a rapid,

and strong current that is
             going at 160 mph
that can
destroy you.

For 2 miles
     there’s some weird noises
         and paranormal activities going on.
                      You can see alien sightings,
                 people hunting animals,
       and see the
mysteries creatures coming from the dusk.

Once you been on the stream
       for 15 mins
            you will come up to
                     a little village that has
    lots of animals and humans.

          On that village the chief
                has a special power that
                        can connect him with his god.

The author's comments:

the events that happened in my life.

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