A game to never forget

September 25, 2017
By Hunter1888 BRONZE, Battle Creek, Michigan
Hunter1888 BRONZE, Battle Creek, Michigan
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Bus ride. Heat ,dry, rubbery, humid, anxiousness. My skin sticking to the seat. Pain as I'm ripping my flesh off the seat. Sweat dripping off my face as I sit there listening to music. Waiting for the bus to come to a screeching halt, so I could get out of this heat filled death trap.

Then step into the cool, crisp, and breezy wind; and take a huge refreshing breath of oxygen as I step off the bus. From there I put on my cleats, I tied them so tight, that it feels like they're cutting off the circulation to my feet. Then comes the warm up. I always try my best so I don’t embarrass myself in front of the other team. If you embarrass yourself in front of the other team, they won't take you seriously on the field during the game.
This was our first district game we knew walking into this game. The team we were going to play was trash and we could beat them easily. But we ended up losing because, we had a bad day we put 51 shots on the goal and they put up 1 shot and got a goal because, that shot was a penalty kick our keeper could not stop. It was just a bad game day for us all. Everyone was crying after because we all knew we could won and we didn’t, we were all heartbroken. The next day at practice my coach tells us that the team we lost to got merced by a team we beat, when my coach told us that he was kind of sad and disappointed. But knew it wasn’t our fault it was just unlucky.
So after we hear the news, we all got pissed off and bummed out because we could of beat them, we should of beat them 8-0. That game will be one of the most remembered games by everyone who played in it.

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That not everything in life is fair

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