Grandma's Vase

September 25, 2017
By uri_lane BRONZE, Sacramento, California
uri_lane BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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It was a hot day in the Marshall Island as always. But on Sunday it gets really humid and it keeps the little ones such as me and my brother from playing outside.

“You can’t play outside Uriah, it’s really really hot and it’s a Sunday” my mom said as she cooks.

From what I’m told from my family, Sunday is a holy day of Jesus Christ so no one can play outside because bad things can happen. So me and my brother just sat in the living room and waited for the food to be cooked. But as always I twisted my mom’s words and decided to play ball INSIDE. But boy, that was a bad idea.

First it just a simple quiet roll to my brother but that was boring. Next we decided to play catch quietly but that also got boring. So then we both started to play soccer. It was my turn to kick the ball and the game started to get really intense so I kick the ball to my brother so hard that he couldn’t reach it in time. The ball bounces to wall to wall until it hit grandma’s favorite vase off the shelf and all I could think of was, “Oh No!”.

“Uriah!!!” I heard my mom screams as she walks into the living room seeing that her children have broken Grandma’s favorite vase. First she looks at the shattered glass on the floor then at my brother then at me. When she stares at me I felt like my whole life has broken to a million pieces. She grabbed my brother by the back collar of his shirt and grabbed the spatula with her other hand and started spanking him with it. I hear my brother cries sorry as my mother spank him. I felt full of fear and sadness and without even thinking, I ran out of the house. I ran as my feet can go, I felt full of pressure and pain in my heart that ack until I stop to catch some breath. I look down at my feet and what I had forgotten was my shoes.

I began walking back to the house thinking of an explanation I should say to my mother. As I reach my house I saw some boys talking to my mom and I had this weird feeling that they weren’t just there for a little visit. I walked closer to the house and when the boys saw me they looked at my mom. She pointed her fingers at me and nodded her head to the boys. The boys began walking towards me and that’s when I got super nervous and began walking away from the house while looking at the boys. They began to follow every move I make and that’s when I began to run and that’s when they began to chase me. As I ran tears began to rise from my eyes and my heart began to beat harder and harder. They were getting closer and closer, but I was beginning to get closer to my destination, which was unexpectedly was my auntie’s house. Out of nowhere one of the boys grabbed my arm and pull it like it was nothing.

“ I got him guys!”, he yells at the other boys who were just behind us.  
“ Your mom told us to chase you kid” he said

I stopped crying and thought of a way to get out. “When he let go of my hand I’ll make a run for it”, I said to myself. I waited for him to let go while we walk back to my house, which took him so long. When we cut through the street he let go of my hand and that’s when I made a run for it. I started to run back to my auntie’s house. The chase was on again. I was just close to my auntie’s house and the boys were on to me.

“Come back here!”, one of the boys yells as I ran.

For what it feels like years, I was able to reached my destination and as was walking into the yards and opened the door without even knocking I saw my auntie talking on the phone, who by the way was my mom. Without an explanation she gave me the phone and the words from my mom’s voice was, I’m Sorry.

From what I learned from this mistake was that I should have not twisted my mom’s words and never ever play ball inside the house and I shouldn’t have left my brother to be taken blame.

The author's comments:

This inspired me to write this one mistake because this was the only mistake that came up in mind and I've learn from this for so many times when I was a kid.

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