I am One with the Waves

September 25, 2017
By missionentry BRONZE, Austin, Texas
missionentry BRONZE, Austin, Texas
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Plunge into the depths and there you will find
the life within the ocean by which I am defined.
Penetrate the surface, for shallow I am not,
authenticity abounding where all the fish are caught.
Embroidering the seas swim dolphins alert;
to see their pod is to see me, an optimistic extrovert.
Open the jaws of creatures looming below
to find cleaner shrimp, my servant heart they show. 
Intricate detail not swept by the tide--
as the shells proclaim my organized side--
Excursions to the ocean extinguish reality
replacing anxious thoughts with a beach mentality.
Embracing the arms of the raging sea--

diving into the world that defines me.

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