Be your true self

March 25, 2009
mind wondering
thoughts racing
every sound making you scream
what is this
what is it called
chaous in the mind
blood and guts every were
like a civil war
were brothers fought brothers
but what is this feeling
this feeling of sinking
like you are in a toilet
spinning round and round
going down the drain
or mabye a pit
were every time you reach
and try to get out
you just slip and fall in
what is this feeling
that makes you feel this way
is it insanity
is it parinoia
is it depression
or is it all three
The war that you are in
with your self
and you feel you lost it all
and you want to quit
but all you do is sit
but now it is time
to stand
and not let it run
your life or existance
That is what we are here to do
fight and fight the good fight of the faith
to live for a purpose
but to lose that purpose
will make you insane
or crazed to a point
so stand and scream
who you are and what you will do
to make you be
who you are ment to do
in this world
were the dreams of men
that have good intention
will fall and evil will fall
down in after it
because evil will stand tall
for a moment
but the good intention
will climb out and triump
over its victor
For that is what that feeling is
you being defeted
but soon
you will rise above
your victor
and smash them down
just have paitcence my child
and have hope
and care for your idea
and you will rise
that is the thing
you are the most
powerful thing that is to come
to cross swords with the devil
and to even cross
paths of an evil man
they will eventualy
quiver in fear
and cry for mercy
and you will be kind to them
and they will fall steeper then you
so stand and declar
who you are
and what you are to do
Your designe is to
fight with all your heart
and soul
that is what you be

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