Ode to Rice MAG

September 21, 2017
By KristofCseh BRONZE, Hudson, Florida
KristofCseh BRONZE, Hudson, Florida
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Oh Rice! How much I love you!
Your dominance is greater than
the Grand Canyon:
You alone have catalyzed the growth
of ancient dynasties,
The survival and thriving of millions.
How important you have been in history,
Yet how overlooked!
And now, today, you feed the most populated parts of the world –
A workhorse that never fails.


Rarely is your majesty appreciated;
All that others see is blandness and no taste,
Just white mushy texture, but nothing more.
What I see, however, is your true nature!
A nourishing and varied superfood;
Yellow, brown, white – your hue
does not matter.
Your small capsules burst of taste
and substance,
Demolishing the hunger of millions
and millions each day.


Oh how great you are Rice, far greater
than Alexander!
The lands he united compare not to the billions of mouths you feed.
A conqueror spreading your seed farther
than Genghis Khan,
And absolutely without rival.
Your endurance and yield are matched by none,
And never has there been a food more
important than you,
Nor will there ever be!
You’re simply one of a kind.


Your under-appreciation is astounding,
How can it even be?
The greatest food to ever exist,
The largest provider of nutrition to the world,
And an irreplaceable staple crop:
How could anyone dis you in the slightest?
If they do, it should be a sin;
To criticize you parallels denouncing God.


Oh Rice! How I love you more than
Narcissus his image!
Never change or allow yourself to mutate,
Stay as addicting as a drug and as reliable
as an ox.

Without you the world would falter,
Asia would collapse and crumble to ruins
And massive loss of life would ensue.
Continue to be savior and giver to us!

The author's comments:

I originally wrote this piece as an assignment for my IB English class, although after it was returned to me after grading I felt the urge to revise it. I made two more revisions after that, not to submit to class or to have graded, but just because I felt there were some imperfections. This is what that path led me to.?

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