March 25, 2009
By Caroline Marques BRONZE, Geneva, Other
Caroline Marques BRONZE, Geneva, Other
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From up high near the stars,
We are tiny twinkling lights.
Each shining and each giving,
Towards the world’s eternal shine.
From this gold pedestal,
We are a band of poseurs and cowards,
Each taking but not giving.
From the depths of the dark,
We are all help, chance and serendipity.
From standing on this ground,
We are us, liars and lovers,
Remarkable but never satisfied.
From standing next to you,
He sees you as a jock, she sees you as a cheater,
And I see you as how I think you are,
Beautiful and impatient.

The author's comments:
Just a little something about how peoples views change. Low might think average is amazing, high might think average is terrible.
Cryptic, I know.

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