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March 25, 2009
By cuti26 PLATINUM, Burton, Michigan
cuti26 PLATINUM, Burton, Michigan
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We sit under the open skies
Telling our secrets with our eyes
I can’t help but feeling
Like my heart is healing
This is the only place I belong
The only place I want to be
Everything is right, nothing is wrong
When it’s just you and me
You hold my hand
As we travel these lands
And I’m holding on to the most important part of my world
Your hand trails along my skin
Your eyes invite me in
Your voice stays in my head
And your words, I can never believe you just said
You’re to good to be true and I just can’t believe you choose me
You’re pretty, you’re beautiful, you’re amazing, don’t you see?
Hold me close, touch my face
Well I’m floating circles around this place
Flash a smile
Dazzle me a while
Hear the things I can’t say
And look at me that breath takingly way
Your lips linger on mine
My heart stops, and my world aligns
We breathe in and out
Taking away all my doubt
I knew from way back when
That if any one could make me fall in love, you can
If anyone could make me smile
When I’m on the verge of breaking down, you can
If anyone could take away the pain
You can

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