March 25, 2009
By cuti26 PLATINUM, Burton, Michigan
cuti26 PLATINUM, Burton, Michigan
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This time it came on a little to strong
Oh no, this time it all came out wrong
It’s her, over me
That much, I can see
Your perfect little replacement
And I’ll never know what I did
These weren’t your intentions, this isn’t what you meant
But who are you trying to kid?
I tried to look away
I tried to pretend it was all okay
And I don’t know what I did that for
Because I can’t pretend anymore
You stepped out of line
And this time, I can’t pretend it’s fine
I wish upon this star
Wondering who you think you are
To act like that, to say those things
To make me believe I ever meant anything
Is she really that great?
To make you change your mind
Even if it’s already to late
It happened so fast, you were so kind
But I see through it now
And all I can do is wonder how?

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