Big Changes for Little Kids

March 25, 2009
By stephaniekip PLATINUM, Cranford, New Jersey
stephaniekip PLATINUM, Cranford, New Jersey
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We once swung on elementary school swings,
Never once were we at a loss for a childish song to sing.
We weren’t allowed to leave the classroom unless we were in line
And after school, play dates took up the majority of our down time.
Friends we never wanted to lose would sometimes fade away
But new ones came along just as surely as the dawn of a new day.

Our birthday parties were the best, we invited everyone from school.
It didn’t matter what they looked like - so what if some of them drooled?
Children don’t see gender, color, shape, or size.
Nobody really cared if Allen had one or two lazy eyes.

But then, unexpectedly, we found ourselves in high school.
With so much more pressure, what were we supposed to do?
We turned to our friends of so many years,
But - Whoa! - What happened to Mary Jane’s ears?
Did they grow overnight? hadn’t we noticed them before?
Yikes! Who’s that goofy kid who walked into the door?

“Steve, is that you? it’s obvious you grew.
Of course, it’s a shame that your pants didn’t, too.
I can’t believe my eyes,
I can almost see your thighs!
Too bad you don’t look more like Tom Cruise.
Oh, wait, what was I talking about again?”

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