If Only

March 25, 2009
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Sitting on the sidewalk,
Staring inquisitively at the sky,
The sun shooting bright beams of light down,
Through the clouds.

Clouds I thought,
How queer, so eloquent in the air.
They just seem to float on,
To wherever the wind takes them.

No cares in the world,
They get to explore everywhere,
See every place at least once,
Along their joy ride.

They live vicariously,
Through every ant-sized person below,
Maybe they have intriguing conversations,
About their fake lives.

Like, oh Jim my boyfriend so furiosly broke my heart,
Jim replying back,
I saw that, are you okay?
Would you like a hug?

Imagine all the places, awkward situations,
They've seen cultures at their finest, even at their worst.
Wars saturated with bloodshed,
And peacetimes, growing love, they've seen it all.

They are like our keepers,
Keeping vigil over us,
Day and night, watching our every move,
And how we do it.

It must be so awesome,
To just sit back, and let the wind,
Take us where we want to go,
And see what we want to see.

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