I Miss Ya, Man

March 25, 2009
By samoan_writer_chic BRONZE, Kansas City, Missouri
samoan_writer_chic BRONZE, Kansas City, Missouri
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Man, remember all those good times
we had
When we use to crack up at each other
We use to do the stupidest things
Like remember that time when we put
On a show to scare the crap out of
Xavier or like when you and me use
To race to skool every morning

You’re like a brother to me and no one
Said I was going to stop lovin you but
Lately you’ve been actin so uncool
Life’s like a roller coaster you have
Your ups and downs but understand
Man, I’ll always be around

I’ve been there for you through thick
And thin and you’ve been there for
Me too
Just please tell me this is not what it
Has to come down to
I once knew this bright, hilarious, talented,
And entertaining kid
But one day he took a turn down the wrong path

Come and take a trip with me
Down memory lane
I’m hopin that it’ll refresh your brain
That you’ll cherish all the good times
We had together
So just take as long as you need
Cause no matter what I’ll still have
Faith in you . . . but until then

The author's comments:
This is a poem I wrote after I felt like I was losing a very important person in my life. I felt like I was losing him and I couldn't do anything.I hope you like it because it came straight from the heart.

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