My 8th Grade Life

March 25, 2009
pplz at skool kno tat me as a shy and kind person,
my friends see me as a outgoing person tat luvs life but can be shy sumtimes,
my best friends see me as a heartbroken wreak sum1 tat falls in luv a lot,
my family sees me as a soundless child tat locks herself up in her room on the computer.
No 1 knos me better then myself,
i fall in luv a lot,
i have broken hearts each week,
my heart is almost all broken but gets fixed the moment "he" talks and comforts me,
this "he" changes not often but a few sumtimes a yr,
dependin on how he acts and who else there is,
im a shy person when i want to be or not,
im outgoing when i chose to but only around my friends and not adults,
im creative,
but cant do much,
i feel like weak,
and tat i cant stand up for myself,
but i can for my friends.

i care too much says my friends to me,
i kno... i just cant help it, i care for my friends more then my life,
u shudnt do tat, u need to care more about urself or ur gonna get hurt,
.. im already hurt.. and i kno its gonna hurt more later,
then stop caring so much, u shud at less care bout ur life a bit more then u already do now,
i kno but i cant help it,
u shud change urself to care more bout urself,
ill try but its gonna be really hard...
(one of the pplz i trust the most in this world, im so thankful tat i have tat person in my life, w/o this person i wouldnt have thought a lot bout wat life meant to me)
i fell in luv w/ this jerk tat no 1 liked but me,
he was one of the sweetest guys i met,
he was only sweet to me cuz he liked me,
i actually thought tat luv was real between us,
but i guess not...
we fought evry week b/c he thought i didnt like him,
tat i flirted w/ other guys,
i liked hes friends more then him,
and tat i lied to him bout how i didnt like him.
but i did like him,
i thought tat i luved him
and i kno i did,
after all the fights and gettin bak together,
he finally broke my heart and left me,
he started swearin at me,
this wasnt the time we went out,
i finally had enough or evrythin he said,
be4 i didnt say anythin,
i just read wat he told me,
said sry and tat i luved him,
no matter wat i did.. he didnt believe me,
i finally had enough and started fightin bak.
i didnt care anymore.
he broke my heart last yr,
fixed it in the middle of 8th grade,
slowly broke it and fixed it when we were goin out,
and finally riped it up into dust when we were over.

i had enough and turned gothic,
i wanted to live life..
but i was so sad tat i wanted to live in the darkness of the world.

my friends tried to comfort me,
my best friends tried to heal it,
but the person tat told me to change and live life the way i wanted to...
fixed it and broke the darkness in my life and brought me light.
he was the one tat brought me out and showed me the pplz who really cared bout me when i didnt kno tat they did
i thought they left me
and only cared a little bit
but i was wrong,
they cared more then i evr imagined.

now im slowly changing to sum1 tat doesnt care for jerks,
and for more about myself.
i am forevr indebt to tat person for helppin me see tat life cant be in sadness
and needs to be seen tho a different views
-we shud life w/ happiness
-find sum1 special
-keep them close to ur heart
-remember tat there r pplz who luv and care bout u even if they seem like tat dont
-change for the better and not the worse
-change when U think its time
-be urself and luv who u r

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