V.I. Leinin

March 26, 2009
V.I. Leinin
Father of Mother Russia
maker of red Russia
Rioter of ages
V.I. Leinin
I beasech you now
help us your people
V.I. Leinin
you helped us get him gone
the dirty monarchs
in their rule
V.I. Leinin
did the lord talk to you
raising Brother Joe
V.I. Leinin
Creator of U.S.S.R
houser of the Mother land
V.I. Leinin
We fallow you
we just ask
for our food
for our land
and for our peace
V.I. Leinin
Your peolpe call
unto you
oh maker of Red Russia
of Mother Mosscow
and Holy St. Petersberg
Great V.I. Leinin
We fallow you
your faithful servents
of the red flag
of unity
of peace
of equality
V.I. Leinin
Your country has fallen
Mother Mosscow is in ruin
The Mother Land is barren
V.I. Leinin
you lied to thee
we the people
you said you served
you liberated
from the monarchs
Why V.I. Leinin
did you raise
Brother Joe
for he is worse
then the monarchs
making us die
V.I. Leinin
the killer of millions
the maker of evil
the creator of hell
V.I. Leinin
we hate your presious
Hammer an Cycle
That is
V.I. Leinin

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