Inside Out

March 24, 2009
By Brittany Valdivieso BRONZE, Platteville, Colorado
Brittany Valdivieso BRONZE, Platteville, Colorado
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Tell me what do you see when you look beyond these brown eyes and fake smile,/
Would you see a girl that likes you and knew you for awhile./
She tries her best not to stare or stutter when you come around,/
She's afraid that if she talks to you, you're gonna put her down./
There's so much more to her that matters./
She'll wipe off her make up,/
She'll let her hair down and be natural./
To you it's like she's not here,/
Just like glass she's clear./
She'll stand here proud as hell so you know what she's all about,/
From the inside to the out./
She'll hold all emotions in and never let them go,/
She'll still smile but the truth you will never know./
She's held back by the pressure of society,/
And it's hard to measure up./
Some days she is sad,/
And other days she is mad./
Being her best,/
Is all that she can do./
Don't be afraid just learn what she's all about,/
And get to know her on the inside and turn her inside out./

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