Time And Love's Farewell

September 12, 2017
She watches but doesn't see the crashing waves,
Awe and Wonder in her eyes as her mind replays.

Time's nightmare, Love's dream;
If only time and love could happily meet.

A beautiful sight, the sun setting over the ocean, a painted perfect image reflected on water.
She gives it one last look then turns away, feeling a desperate and sudden need to wander.

Time's memories, Love's ache;
Yet time and love were always too late.

He walks along the shore, his eyes distant, teary and bright.
His gaze rests on the the birds high above the water, wishing he could join them in their flight.

Time's cure, Love's phases;
If only time and love could find a way out of their hazes.

He goes on as dawn turns to dusk, the moon shines on the ocean, as if looking into a mirror.
He feels his heart race, knowing his final days of youth are nearer.

Time's prison, Love's hell;
Though time and love were once partners, the end came and they said farewell.

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