March 24, 2009
By Shelby Critel SILVER, Ravenna, Nebraska
Shelby Critel SILVER, Ravenna, Nebraska
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Your words send me on the run
I miss the days I was happy and life was fun
My stomach churns and flips
I grab my meds and drink them with small sips
Drowning in the sea of my mind
A true salvation I must find
No longer able to keep time
My heart stops with each chime
Take it all away I beg of you
Please o please let me be through
So much to do, not enough memory
Relaxation does not come essentially
Tighter and tighter, I am wound
My stomach is internally breaking down
Digesting upon its self burning with stress
I do not know how to escape this mess
Unable to breathe I reach for a pen
I must express for a release, only then
Will the birds fly away to reveal the sun
I visit this internal place, am I the only one?
A trail of letters type out on my keyboard
Spilling out images and ideas that I hoard
Deep inside a subconscious place that I fear
Learning slowly not to care if they hear
This is my light at the end of the dark
Until the rain is gone, this is my only spark

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