A Lost Cause

March 24, 2009
By Alex Rodriguez BRONZE, Platteville, Colorado
Alex Rodriguez BRONZE, Platteville, Colorado
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give me an applause/
because I won't be your knight in shining armor/
and stay in Platteville to be a farmer/
I'm unusual/
as usual
look at the fro/
unfortunely many think I deteriate my potential/
but I believe my decisions were consequential/
I chose my friends wisely/
and I believed you judged unwisely/
I feel the wind whispering at me/
but I refuse to listen/
I get a grasp of what you're saying/
but I think you should keep on praying/
I take a sip of temptation/
I am addicted to its humilation/
I feel myself swerving/
spinning out of control/
I am a villain/
just chillin/
awaiting to self destruct/
intoxicated from all your inviting lies/
the sun will come over my head, then I will get my epiphany, but until then/
I am at the point in which I stopped caring/
I am a pirate/
sailing against the current/
even though it will be time consuming and difficult/
doesn't mean it wont be worth the journey./
So then does this make me a lost cause?

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