Lost Love

March 24, 2009
By Alva Ruiz BRONZE, La Salle, Colorado
Alva Ruiz BRONZE, La Salle, Colorado
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You were my rock who kept me strong/When everything was going wrong/You would always hug me with all your might/And kept me laughing up all night/You said our love would always endure/You said with you I would be secure/The phone calls lasted several hours at a time/You recited poems that never quite seemed to rhyme/You told me our bond would never be broken/Truer words have never been spoken/But life is unpredictable, no one could foretell/That you would leave this world without a final farewell/Our lives were changed in the blink of an eye/Now my life's skewed and I've gone awry/My heart aches and I'm filled with disdain/You're no longer here to help ease my pain/I'm slowly coming unglued and fading away/I'm being dragged down by this dismay/My life has been shattered beyond repair/Gradually sinking into the deep ocean of despair

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