The Use of The Brain

March 24, 2009
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You can’t stop being a follower
The cage of other people watching you,
Judging you,
Is closing in.
You start to cry within.

Just kiss her,
I mean everyone will call you
“The man.”

It seems that you are using her,
But you’re afraid if you say
You want to ask her out, then your
Fake friends will stop bothering you.

But what does she think?
"I really like him, he’s so sweet and cute,
Am I being used to make him look cool,
Because he’s doing that thing again
Where he smiles at his friends
Right before
Kissing me.
Is he being a follower?"

"Just be yourself already,"
She yells
"Why don’t you just stand up to them and say
Who you really are,
Don’t be embarrassed."
She runs
To her new car
With tears running down her
Untouched cheeks,
She clicks the unlock button to freedom,
And closes her door
Of our relationship.

I walk away
Into my own dead end
With a bloody nose caused
From the girl who beat me up

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